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J&A Engineering are well renowned Mechanical Maintenance Contractors to the commercial and industrial engineering sectors in the UK.

Our highly skilled repairs and maintenance engineers have experience across a multitude of projects and sectors. These range from civil engineering through to offshore platforms and power generation facilities.

We carry out a wide range of services relative to the mechanical maintenance process. These include dismantling, overhaul and repair through to re-installation, commissioning and if necessary fabricating replacement parts.

To help you reduce operational costs, maximise uptime and optimise efficiency our Mechanical Maintenance Contractors can add value in the following areas:

Our highly-skilled repairs and maintenance team can handle Ad hoc repairs through to full outsourcing of your mechanical maintenance needs.

All our mechanical maintenance contractors are fully qualified to test and ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of your plant & machinery.

Our machine modification, remanufacturing and refurbishment competences range from generic to highly specialised mechanical modifications that can prolong asset lifetime.

Reducing downtime and prolonging asset lifetime are key challenges for mechanical maintenance contractors to overcome. We work with clients to develop long term engineering solutions to improve efficiency, reliability and performance of your assets.


J&A Engineering have established a dedicated team for the repair, refurbishment and replacement of worn or damaged parts to maintain asset integrity and reliability.

To maintain business production at it’s most efficient, our dedicated team will fast track your mechanical maintenance project to ensure your equipment is back in service as soon as possible.


We provide and maintain all our operations in accordance with approved accreditations to ensure compliance is achieved to the highest of standards.


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